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How many invites can I send per day

The number of invites you can send per day on Linkedin is generally dependent on following factors.

  • Number of connections you have on your Linkedin Account – The more connections you have, the more strength your Linkedin Account holds and more leverage you have in sending invites.
  • Sales Navigator – Although Linkedin doesn’t claim any leverage for invites/day with Sales Navigator , It certainly makes a difference based on what we see with different clients/user accounts. It adds upto 10-30% leverage if you have Sales Navigator.
  • The number of pending invitations you have – the less pending invites you have shows to Linkedin that you are not spamming people and so you get more leverage for sending invites.

Disclaimer: There are no published limits/day from Linkedin. The factors stated are based on multiple years of experience with OmniPush/Linkedin Prospecting.

In order to keep your Linkedin Account Safe – OmniPush has a 1 week Warmup process for all New Accounts.

Invites Sent Connection Collected(Gather email/phone etc for contacts into OmniPUSH)
Week 1 15-35 15

Post Warmup, OmniPUSH sends 45-55 invites/day. We target 1000 invites/month on standard plans.

OmniPUSH can send invites even if you got weekly limits. You can check with Sales Team on “Extra Invites” plans – UberConnect.

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