What is OmniPUSH?

How OmniPUSH works, what it can do for your business and what makes it different to other solutions.

OmniPUSH “automates” your lead generation via our proprietary process, driving more meetings, sales, and profits – completely on autopilot.Automated omni-channel follow-up for power prospecting.Please check out videos and exhaustive features list on Getting Started section.

What can I do with OmniPUSH?

If you are an Agency or Provide Digital Marketing Services(SEO, Google Ads, Facebook Ads , Lead Generation etc) or have any other Product or Service to sell, you can use OmniPush to:

  • Connect and Message potential clients on Linkedin: Connect, Invite and Broadcast to potential clients

  • Conversational Marketing: Automatically get more leads/conversions from your Linkedin Account. Find opportunities as your campaigns run on auto-pilot.

  • Linkedin and Beyond Marketing : Turn more conversations into active, valuable customers with targeted messaging on linkedin, email, sms, voice and whatsapp push messages.

What sets OmniPush apart?

Unlike a mix of disconnected solutions, OmniPush brings everything you need to quickly land a client and build a long term network and relationships while you serve existing clients.

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